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BETACOIN serves as the native token for the Betadeal Exchange Ecosystem. The goal of the Betacoin Blockchain is to serve as a foundation for financial services, including a new global payment system that meets the daily financial needs of billions of people, and also as the transactional currency for all of Betadeals products. Using Betacoin cut away cost of transaction fees and gives you lots of discount on the Betadeal Ecosystem.

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Who We Are

We’re a team of early adopters, the new age technologies, and crypto experts who understand the true potential of Blockchain technology and the impact cryptocurrency will have around the world. Our mission is to bring Blockchain Technology to the grass root and to be the leading crypto exchange platform in Africa.

We are here for anyone that has trouble moving money quickly. For anyone that struggles to make online payments. For anyone tired of living off physical cash. It's time to take back control of your money. Financial freedom is a fundamental human right. We're Betadeal. We make money easy for anyone.

Betadeal is a service that enables users trade cryptocurrency instantly with no wait time. Users can buy/sell cryptocurrency directly from/to us via the app without the hassle of looking for traders to buy from or sell to.

Fast Payout

You get paid immediately your order is completed, directly to your provided payment method.

No extra charges

We charge nothing extra for transactions except for the network fee on the blockchain.

Round the clock access

Traders are online 24/7, you can always buy or sell anytime, anywhere in the world from our platform.

Secure Trading

Our platform is design to provide absolute security for your wallet from third parties, with your unique transaction pin.

Betadeal Token

  • RAISED - $10,000
  • Soft Cap

  • TARGET - $5M
  • Hard Cap


per BTA

Current BTA Price


per BTA

Next BTA Price

Start Time

July 1, 2021

Token Name


Token Symbol


Total Supply


Private Sale

20,000,000 BTA

ICO Public Sale

60,000,000 BTA

Minimum Purchase:

100 BTA

ICO per-sale (with 20% bonus) ends in August 31, 2021.

Buy With:



Distribution Of Token

30% Public Sale

10% Private Sale

8% Team

10% Future Development

7% Marketing

13% Partnership and EcoSystem

10% Community Incentives & Rewards

12% Betadeal Foundation

Betacoin Use Cases


Exchange Utility Token:
BTA is the exchange utility token. Users will be able to get trading fee discounts, redeem merchandise, receive free crypto via airdrops and in most cases specifically to those holding a BTA Vault, and do many more things in the form of BTA.


Deposit, Savings, & Bill Payments:
The BTA token can be used in deposit and savings programs that will be launched in the future on BetaDeal exchange and other major verified exchange as well. Customers will also be able to use it to pay for utility bills like electricity, cable, and airtime on BetaDeal and its associated partners internationally.


Merchant Payment Gateway:
Merchants will be able to receive payment for goods and services via BTA through a crypto payment gateway.


DeFi access token:
People who do DeFi services like lending, staking, yield farming, and more, will be able to use BTA for these services.


Creation of NFTs:
BetaDeal will create one of the best Africa’s digital marketplace where digital currencies and tokenized assets will be fully accepted. BTA will be the main currency for this marketplace.


Betacoin as a Store of Value:
Crypto Currency is widely recognized as a store of value and Betacoin will be a safe heaven Asset. It's therefore means that the number of units is finite and the network is decentralized enough to offer security to holders to hold and transfer value.

Road Map

July 1st 2021

Launch of BetaCoin (BTA) & ICO on BetaDeal Exchange

31st August 2021

End BetaCoin (BTA) ICO Sale on BetaDeal Exchange

September 2021

Token Listing:Token will become tradable on BetaDeal Exchange, Trustwallet, MetaMask etc.

October 2021

BNB listing on BetaDeal Listing BNB BEP20 (Expansion of Portfolio)

November 2021

BetaCoin (BTA) Vault Launch Users will be able to stake their BTA and earn rewards for every token listed on BetaDeal. Over 1000 tokens to be listed on BetaDeal Exchange

December 2021

SHIB Lisiting for only BTA Vault Holders

January 2022

BetaDeal Echange 1 Year Aniversery.

January 2022

BetaDeal Users Airdrop Distribution.

Betadeal Exchange Features

With betadeal app you can quickly convert one crypto currency to another without stress.
We provide you with the peer-peer market where you can buy and sell your coin with your own rate. coins are escrow for instant delivery once payment is made to your provided payment method.
We provide you with secure multi Coin Wallet that helps you manage and grow your portfolio.
Betadeal has the easiest and the most users friendly interface for beginners and experience traders.

03 Easy Steps to Start



Sign up for your free Betadeal Wallet on web, iOS or Android and follow our easy process to set up your profile.


Verify your Identity

Login and provide your details, submit all required document and you are good to go.


Buy Crypto

Buy Betacoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. and securely store in your wallet or send across other wallet.

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Betadeal is a cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and worldwide Payment System. The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

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